Happy Halloween (year 4, 5 & 6)

Halloween in Parellades school.  
Students from year 4 are transformed 
into different monsters by a witch-wizard.

Students from year 5 are transformed 
into different monsters by two witches.

Also, we have the Parellades Suicide Squad!

How much do you know? Get ready for Unit 1 test!

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Study the Present Continuous!

Physical Descriptions (YEAR 4)

Listen to this Story  My friends

 hair pictures

I have got long hair.

You have got a beard

She has got a ponytail

He has got a moustache

We are wearing coats

You are wearing glasses

They have got curly hair


Game 1 Sentences (Stardust)

Game 2 Match pictures to descriptions (pairs)
Game 4 Read the description and make the face
Game 8 Drag and drop the descriptions
Game 9 How to make a description
Game 10 Practise the vocabulary 
Unit about physical description 

Present Continuous (year5)

Present Continuous

This present is for things that are happening right now.

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Game 2

Game 3

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Here's a present continuous exercise to practice making all forms of the tense. This is where it starts to get a little more difficult (but not very!). Make sure you can easily form the positive, negative and question automatically.

Present Continuous Mixed Exercise 1

Answers: Download this exercise in PDF.